Corporate Work

corporate work

London Array Wind Farm – used on inauguration invitations, website and coffee table book

Kentish Flats Wind Farm

I have created artwork for several corporations such as the energy companies Eon, Masdar and Vattenfall.  They all have commissioned paintings from me for their offices and to give as corporate gifts.  My artwork has also been used on their websites, for launch events and in a corporate commemorative book.

I have done work that is useful for community engagement.  For example, I recently did two very long line drawings of the seafronts in Whitstable and Herne Bay that included the Kentish Flats Wind Farm.  These were printed onto banners and then coloured in by children at community events.

In addition, soon I will be undertaking a project with Vattenfall.   I will be observing, sketching and photographing behind the scenes during the construction of 17 offshore wind turbines.  This will result in a body of artwork that may be used at the launch of these turbines and in PR material.  I find this kind of large construction project fascinating and inspiring.  The resulting artwork will show engineering skills, people at work and the final finished turbines.

The benefits to a corporation of this kind of joint project are:

  • A creative visual record of the work undertaken and staff at work.
  • There is no cost for the artists to do their work and no obligation to buy any of the resulting artwork.
  • The opportunity to purchase relevant artwork that would give panache to special events, displays, gifts, presentations or work premises.
  • Artists’ collaborations with businesses have proven to increase satisfaction levels among staff.
  • Positive community engagement with an artist, and if appropriate their work could be used to provide a link with the wider local community.
  • Positive PR and increased brand awareness.
  • Artwork, and creation of it, can be used effectively in social media.
  • A weekly blog on my website.
  • “Mandy painted a beautiful picture of Vattenfall’s Kentish Flats Offshore Wind Farm.  We have it hanging in the meeting room of our offices and it get a lot of positive comments from our visitors.  It demonstrates how proud we are of one of Britain’s first offshore wind farms.”
    Ole Bigum Nielsen - Director, Project Execution Offshore, Project Director, Dan Tysk Offshore Wind, BU Renewables, Vattenfall Europe Windkraft GmbH, Überseering 12, 22297 Hamburg
  • “Mandy has produced artwork that has been very useful for community engagement. For example, she did long line drawings of coastal areas opposite our offshore wind farms. These were printed onto a banner and coloured in by local children. They were a great success.Mandy is always very professional, extremely helpful and a real pleasure to work with.”
    Melanie Rogers - Community Liaison, Vattenfall UK
  • “The inauguration of London Array at Turner Contemporary was a landmark event for renewable energy throughout the world. To capture this iconic moment, artist Mandy Broughton was commissioned to create a piece of art for London Array, to reflect the wind farm’s spectacular scale, power and relationship with nature. The artwork is on permanent display at the London Array operations and maintenance base in Ramsgate, Kent.”
    London Array - Kent Business